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Learning and Development investment sees training hit an all-time high

Olive’s investment in their learning and development program has seen the volume of team member training increase by a staggering 42% in 2023.  As a people focused business, they set out a clear strategy for the year that was underpinned by their human sustainability pillar. 

The aim, to give every team member wider access to individual learning, aside from statutory training, was based on maximising working time and embracing the coaching process to deliver more training to all, including culinary craft skills.

This year’s introduction of regional training courses has not only seen overall delegate attendance increase by 155%, it has also reduced the carbon footprint of travel emissions to Olive’s Midlands based head office.

Olive's Learning and Development Manager, Jo Wills says “I’ve had lots of feedback when running courses in Reading and Leeds to say how much easier it is for travel, our Team Members are also saying they feel more engaged and appreciate the investment from Olive to make this localised”

In addition to the regional training Olive have utilised Fridays to hold courses, maximising attendance from the sites that are now quieter due to customer home working.

Olive strongly believes in the benefit of training for Team Members at all levels.  The most frequent training courses which include ‘Coaching Skills’ and ‘Results Through People’ see a mixture of Service Assistants, Chefs and Catering Managers in attendance.

As 2024 approaches the successes of 2023 are a strong foundation to drive development even further.

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