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Olive announces new coffee partnership

Olive is proud to announce the launch of their new partnership with UK coffee roasters, 200 Degrees.  The launch sees Olive and 200 Degrees join forces to take workplace food and drink to the next level, as they each specialize in delivering their core product.  The union was borne as both companies recognised a shared value in their produce and people.

200 Degrees are Midlands based, with their head office and roastery in Nottingham.  They have a chain of coffee shops and barista schools around the UK.   Founded in a garage in Nottingham in 2012, they opened their first shop in 2014 and now sell coffee from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  As part of their mission to educate everyone on the art of making better coffee, they also run seven barista schools.

Their sustainability ethos also aligns with Olive’s own Ethical Olive framework.  They work with trusted importers, supporting small farmers to make fair profit and invest in their infrastructure.

‘Most of our customers want a good quality coffee that tastes like…well, coffee. 200 Degrees signature blend, Brazilian Love Affair, is such a crowd pleaser and will be launched within our sites in the coming months. With taste notes of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, it works well as a latte, a long black, a cortado or a straight up espresso’  200 Degrees.

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