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Olive firmly bounces back from Covid lows

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Olive are delighted to welcome back three Team Members who left during the pandemic.

It seems unimaginable now to think that this time 3 years ago the UK was about to hit the peak of the pandemic and we entered into a time filled with uncertainty and tough decisions. As a result of clients deciding to close a significant number of sites, Olive was left with little choice but to reduce the size of the operations team.

With a bleak outlook for workplace catering, coupled with shrinking service levels within Olive’s catering facilities, three Operations Managers sadly had to leave the business. The decision wasn’t taken lightly and was in fact held back until October 2020 to ensure that the Team were on hand to support and give guidance to clients as they managed their staff restaurants.

Fast forward to present day and, as Olive has bounced back successfully since its Covid lows, the Company is delighted to have welcomed back all three Team Members. Darryl Pretorius, Lynette Hampton and Jan Fisher have all re-joined Olive in the past months.

"We’re very proud of our strong recovery from Covid, but even more so that we have been able to bring our people back. Losing Team Members is difficult and the fact that they all jumped at the chance to return stands as testament to why ‘PEOPLE’ is one of our core values." Says Olive’s Co-Founder Sally-Ann Bradley.

Lynette adds “It’s just great to be back on board with Olive. I really missed the camaraderie that exists within our team and how everyone supports each other. It’s also hard to find a company that really delivers what they promise and I genuinely believe that Olive is one of the few companies that do!

It’s great to be back and I'm loving it more each day. I couldn’t of course, do what I do without my teams, so credit to them too! “

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