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Olive co-founders celebrate 15 years of continuous service at Eaton with free lunch to all employees

We served up our hugely successful in-house street food concept ‘The Kerb’, bringing a uniquely Latin American atmosphere to the day, with music, party games and a photo booth to add to the festivities.

Co-founders Sally-Ann Bradley, Damon Brown and Andrew Norrie were on hand alongside Lindsay Walker, Olive’s first employee, to serve up a variety of dishes to the employees of Eaton, Olive’s longest serving customer.

Neil Gill, Plant Manager at Eaton, said “Olive’s clear mission statement was the reason we initially decided to partner with them. Since starting with us in 2004, we have forged an exceptional relationship that has constantly surpassed our expectations due to the quality of food and level of service”.

“We are so proud of our 15 year run at Eaton, our first ever customer”, said Damon Brown, co-founder at Olive. “We continue to strive to produce great food at the highest level of service, which has been at the core of our relationship since starting the company in 2004”.

Check out the gallery of photos from the day below.

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