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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Olive has launched a brand-new app designed to help workplaces re-open employee restaurants and manage mealtimes, with staff safety in mind every step of the way.

The bespoke app enables people to pre-order their food at the start of the day, ahead of breaktimes, so that it is ready and waiting to be collected when needed without the need for unnecessary queues building-up in the restaurant area.

The development has been well-timed to coincide with businesses returning to work following the lockdown period, which resulted in offices and restaurants closing their doors for a period of time from mid-March.

First trials of the app have already taken place in partnership with one of Olive’s long-standing contract catering customers, Veolia - the UK’s leading provider of environmental solutions. In this case, those returning to the workplace were directed toward the Olive app, which is available to download from the App Store.

Once installed on employees’ phones, the app makes it quick and easy to browse menus at leisure, offering a daily choice of high-quality dishes that are suitable for all dietary requirements and prepared using only the finest fresh ingredients.

Ordering couldn’t be easier. When a meal has been selected and confirmed via the app, this information is shared with Olive’s on-site catering team so the chosen dish can be prepared and made ready for collection without the need for standing and waiting time.

Damon Brown, Founder Director at Olive, said: “The global pandemic has resulted in everyone making certain adaptations to the way we live, work and eat out. With businesses now returning to the workplace, our aim is to help employers get back to a new kind of normality as quickly as they possibly can.

“Offering new ways to open and manage employee restaurants, while minimising the movement of staff, is a big part of this. One of the main reasons Olive developed its new app, is to enable meal selections to be made from a distance, so food can be collected and eaten safely on site without the need for people leaving the premises during breaktimes.

“While the pandemic has presented challenges and required certain adaptations to be made in office environments, we are proud of the partnerships we are forming with companies who simply want the best food for their employees, delivered as safely and hygienically as possible throughout the working day.

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