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A New Era for Street Food

Updated: Jun 7

As the appetite for street food grows ever more popular, Olive have given their restaurant pop up a rebrand.  The refreshed concept, now known as ‘The Van’, is stronger than ever and hitting the road on its journey to bring world flavours to every client’s workplace dining.

The newly fuelled Van includes two new street food concepts:  Mediterranean Fusion which is a fusion of authentic Greek and Spanish dishes designed to immerse customers in flavours of the Mediterranean; and the new Dirty Deli concept which delivers loaded sandwiches stacked with layers of delight and leaves calorie counting in the dust.

“Having the opportunity to share traditional cooking methods and the dishes on which I grew up is incredible.  At Olive, we are passionate about fresh produce and authentic flavours and it’s this passion that has enabled me to bring part of my Greek heritage to workplace dining” says Lefteris Kotsinis, Support Chef.

Long standing customer favourites such as Caribbean, Vietnamese and Latin American remain embedded in the Van’s repertoire.  The rebrand project looks to expand the successful concepts and mirror high street trends.

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