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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

With the UK’s caffeine addiction showing no sign of stopping, Olive Catering Services has unveiled a new artisan coffee brand for the contract catering sector.

Developed to meet the growing demand for quality café facilities in the workplace, Love Coffee is a dedicated offer committed to serving hand-crafted beverages from sustainably sourced beans.

The launch comes as a result of a period of extensive research that saw Olive work with client and world leading food company, Danone, to select its own house bean. For real aficionados meanwhile, Love Coffee sites will also host a weekly guest bean to help customers explore a world of exciting options.

With coffee culture moving quickly, Olive has also invested in a comprehensive coffee training programme that will enable its team of baristas to react to the latest trends and tailor drinks to the preferences of individual customers.

Following a successful trial period at Danone, the caterer has now installed Love Coffee facilities at a number of other client sites, including Ted Baker and Sony Playstation.

Damon Brown, co-founder at Olive, commented: “Coffee is more popular than ever, but the way people drink it has changed drastically. With so many prospective clients requesting dedicated cafes, we knew that we needed to apply the same standards to our beverages as we do to our food.

“Love Coffee is the result of months of hard work and research. Not only is it a product we are hugely proud of, but it also provides another way that Olive can adapt its offering to the needs of each individual client.”

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